" The dog - a unique essence on the Earth,
Which loves us more, than "
Henry Uiler Shou
You are welcomed by breeding kennel of breed the Central Asian Shepherd Dog "AZOVIA". Our kennel is in the city of Mariupol on coast of sea of Azov. Owners of kennel Krivich Vadim and Natalia.

We with the husband for a long time dreamed of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. In 1999 as soon as the opportunity has appeared, we have got the first puppy. And since then we do not represent the life without Central Asian Shepherd Dog. Officially breeding factory has been registered in 2003. In our kennel descendants of oustanding dogs are collected.

In kennel pays attention not only to the exterior, but also working qualities. Almost all dogs have the working certificate. The purpose of our kennel - to keep precious the blood, reached up to us from time immemorial.

According to the program of the further development of kennel, in October, 2006 from kennel "Odor Mortis" ow. Panfilova T.A. has been got by us female Zogcha iz Kudryashevskogo Dvora
«огча has blood of oustanding Novosibirsk dogs, rare and very valuable to Ukraine.

We invite to cooperation and dialogue of all amateurs and professionals of this unique breed.